Communication Services Hungary – Ericsson

Ericsson is clearly positioned as a market leader in this segment. IMS is the key component of 4G, 5G and 6G to enable point-to-point communication and conferencing, including all kinds of media streams.

We are looking for Cloud and CloudOps Developers to shape and optimize our new solution launched in February 2022. We offer you a wide scope of opportunities to develop your skills, competencies and career. You are especially welcome if you are interested in

  • organize complex solutions in a microservices architecture
  • Cloud Native technologies such as Kubernetes, Docker, Helm charts, SR-IOV, DPDK, Multus, Redis, firewalls, Cloud Native security, etc., providing fast and redundant services
  • willing to practice older and newer software development techniques such as GitOps, Go, functional languages, workflows, software delivery pipelines, etc.
  • or you are not interested in all the above things, but you have extremely strong nerves to integrate, verify and deploy the solution in different environments again and again and again

We started our Cloud Native journey with SBG (Session Border Gateway) and BGF (Border Gateway Function), and their common microservices applications (Common Service and Automation team), being on the front line of intruders, IP scanners and other adventurers.

MTAS (Multimedia Telephony Application Server) and CSCF (Call Session Control Function) are next in the Cloud Native journey. All of these products will be supported by the STS (System Test & Support) team.

Join CN IMS! We are shaping the future right now together. This is your place if you want to be proud of something important you’ve contributed to. We have the market, the knowledge, the technology, the infrastructure, the money, now it’s up to you.