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This report provides an analysis of the drone-as-a-service market, including applications and services targeted at different use cases. The report assesses solutions for key industry verticals such as agricultural technology.

Solution areas assessed include monitoring and control, surveying and mapping, maintenance and inspection, filming and photography, package delivery, and scientific research. The report includes forecasts by solution and industry verticals from 2022 to 2027.

Cloud computing is based on the notion that IT does not need to be located at the customer’s premises, or in any particular location. In fact, the whole analog of cloud computing is that computing capabilities can reside in the ether so to speak, accessible when needed.

This has led to much higher utilization of IT assets and therefore optimization of capital expenditures for those investing in IT assets and scalable operational expenditures for IT customers. Cloud computing business models have led to the “as a service” delivery model, which has proven to be a highly flexible and scalable method for introducing and augmenting business computing needs.

This “as a service” paradigm is transforming robotics, allowing automation as a service to become a widely available service option, as opposed to buying a robot as a product. In particular, we see the combination of robotics, teleoperation and cloud technologies transforming business operations in a way that on-demand robotics is a viable business model.

This pattern extends to virtually every use case, application, and solution in almost every industry. Drones are no exception as we see drones as a service gaining substantial momentum as an outsourced option to improve the operational efficiency of many industries. For example, parcel delivery is expected to be a key market, especially following the COVID-19 pandemic.

This is not a short-term phenomenon as some cutting-edge industries, like AgriTech, will be big investment areas for drones. IoT in agriculture will increasingly incorporate robots, drones, remote sensors and computer imagery, combined with ever-evolving machine learning and analytics tools to monitor crops, survey and map fields and provide. Drones armed with sensors and cameras are used for imaging, mapping and surveying smart farms.

Mapping farms using aerial drones and ground robots is quickly becoming table stakes for connected agriculture. Agribusinesses are also deploying drones to obtain real-time data regarding many aspects of agricultural operations. It will be a combination of aerial and ground perspectives/images captured using multi-spectrum cameras and sensors installed on drones/agricultural robots.

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  • Drones as a Service for Scientific Research Solutions to Hit $9.3 Billion by 2027

  • Smart drones in agriculture will be a $1.7 billion market opportunity by 2027

  • High potential verticals include construction, insurance, aerospace and real estate

  • Monitoring and mapping remain the main opportunities, with maintenance and inspection rapidly gaining ground as high ROI solutions

  • Developing countries are experiencing the fastest growth for many solutions, largely due to substantial cost avoidance for expensive professional services

Main topics covered:

1.0 Executive Summary

2.0 Presentation

2.1 Overview of drones

2.2 Use cases and value of drones

2.3 Drone technologies

3.0 Drone Applications in Industry Verticals

3.1 Delivery of the package

3.2 Imaging

3.3 Security

3.4 Search and rescue

3.5 Firefighting

3.6 Military/Defense

4.0 Drone Company Analysis

4.1 1Martian Way Corporation

4.2 3D robotics

4.3 Aarav unmanned systems


4.5 Aerial photo India

4.6 Aerial air

4.7 Aero360

4.8 Aerodyne Group

4.9 AeroVironment Inc.

4.10 Agribotix LLC

4.11 Airinov

4.12 AirPix

4.13 Airsight Australia

4.14 Aerowood

4.15 Asteria Aerospace

4.16 Aurora Integrated Systems

4.17 Australian UAV

4.18 Azure Drones

4.19 Bubblefly

4.20 Cyberhawk Innovations Limited

4.21 Default

4.22 Detecting technologies

4.23 Deveron UAS

4.24 DJI

4.25 Draganfly Innovations Inc.

4.26 Drone Aviation

4.27 Aerospace drone systems

4.28 Drone Nation

4.29 Drone Volt

4.30 DroneCloud/CLUE Corporation

4.31 Drone Deployment

4.32 DroneView Technologies

4.33 Dronifi

4.34 Edall Systems

4.35 Digital Envent

4.36 EDF

4.37 Kinky

4.38 Flytrex

4.39 Gravodrone

4.40 Hemav

4.41 HUVR Data

4.42 IdeaForge

4.43 Technologies identified

4.44 INDrone Aerodynamic Systems

4.45 Indrones

4.46 Industrial SkyWorks

4.47 Intel (upstream technologies)

4.48 Brownie

4.49 Cadet Defense Systems

4.50 Kespry

4.51 Martek Aviation

4.52 Matternet

4.53 Measurement

4.54 Measuring Australia

4.55 Microdrones

4.56 Mirs Innovate Private Limited

4.57 MMC

4.58 Ubiquitous Robotic Technology

4.59 Parrot SA

4.60 Phoenix Drone Services

4.61 Pigeon innovative solutions

4.62 Pix4D

4.63 Precision Falcon

4.64 Quidich Innovation Labs

4.65 Samhams Technologies

4.66 SensFly

4.67 Sentera, LLC

4.68 Sharper shape

4.69 Seye

4.70 Sky Futures

4.71 Sky Vision Aerial Photography Services

4.72 Skycatch, Inc.

4.73 Skylark Drones

4.74 SkySkopes

4.75 Sky specifications

4.76 Sree Sai Aerotech Innovations

4.77 Takvavia Technologies

4.78 Aerolytic Heel

4.79 Terra Drone Corporation

4.80 Texo drone services

4.81 Sky Guys

4.82 Unmanned Trumbull

4.83 Unmanned Experts Inc.

4.84V Agro Drone

4.85 Verity Studios S.A.

4.86 Vermeer

4.87 Viper Drones

4.88 WeDoSky

4.89 Xaircraft UAVs

4.90 Yamaha Motor Company

4.91 Zip line

5.0 Drones as a Service Market 2022-2027

5.1 Global Drones as a Service Market 2022-2027

5.2 Drones as a Service Applications 2022 – 2027

5.3 Drones as a Service in Top Industries 2022-2027

5.4 Drones as a Service by Regions 2022-2027

6.0 Conclusions and Recommendations

7.0 Appendix 1: Drone Classifications and Technologies

7.1 Classification of drones

7.1.1 Ready to fly

7.1.2 Out-of-the-box commercial

7.1.3 Heavy drones

7.2 Drone technologies

7.2.1 Aerodynamic designs

7.2.2 VTOL settings

7.2.3 Hybrids

7.2.4 Power supply

8.0 Appendix 2: Future of the drone market

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