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I would like to find the time to do a radio commercial, but there are so many people here that I can’t. I hope this post gets picked up on Facebook as my work is community service. Most people don’t know that I don’t charge a dime. My help often takes you to help you apply for coverage. The insurance company pays me, and there’s never any charge to you.

I’m sure that unless you’re blind, deaf, or don’t have a TV, radio, or mailbox, you’re hearing the deluge of Medicare ads. Some of the first responders to these advertisements are now receiving the printed literature and learning the deceptive and outright lies they were fed. I am fixing them. The most frequent calls are about the “cash back” benefit. True, but the benefits of these plans are slim and none contain prescription benefits. Even if you don’t take prescriptions now, there will be a penalty in the future if you ever need a plan with Rx coverage.

Robert learned that his HMO would not allow him to go to the CBCC Cancer Center. CBCC is not part of any Kern County HMO plans, but once you’ve been diagnosed, it’s normally too late to qualify to go back to original health insurance and get a supplement. During the annual enrollment period, the guru has a few tricks up his sleeve and is able to help most people ditch their HMO and get a supplement without asking any medical questions. No promises here, but so far I’ve had 100% success this year!

Back to HMO plans. Several people have been encouraged to drop their Medicare supplement and join an HMO. I can see the appeal of a zero monthly premium. As long as you follow the rules, these plans work well. Just stay close to home, as only emergency or emergency care is covered outside the zone. Here is some good news. If you’ve never had a Medicare Advantage plan and want to dip your toes in HMO waters, you can, and your Medicare supplement will get you back (at current new rates, with no medical questions as long as you reapply within 12 month) . It’s 12 months, not 12 months and a day! The same is true if you are new to Medicare and find that the HMO model is not right for you. One year “free look”.

The cost of health insurance is rising, and rising with a vengeance. If you haven’t seen last week’s column in Kern Valley Sun pick up a copy. Most people will pay $170.10 a month on their Social Security payment compared to $148.50 this year.

Well, I can’t seem to register my offer to help people fix what they inadvertently messed up, so hopefully word will spread.

Harry P. Thal, the Medicare Guru is available for a free telephone consultation, by appointment at (760) 376-2100. No office appointments as we follow strict COVID-19 protocols.