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Optimas Launches Truck and Bus Service Center Program

WOOD DALE, IL Optimas Solutions, a global industrial distributor and service provider, announced the launch of a truck and bus service center program to meet customers’ ongoing needs for on-demand maintenance, repair and operations (MRO), personal protective equipment (PPE) and standard parts for truck and bus service centers.

“Over the years we have seen an increase in demand from the truck and bus industries and although we have always supplied these markets, we felt it was necessary to formalize a program to serve them directly more effectively” , said Cliff Harris, vice president of sales and general manager for heavy and industrial truck markets at Optimas. “Truck and bus service centers can count on us for commonly used workshop supplies in large quantities and of consistent quality through our extensive and reliable supplier network.”

Optimas is a leading authorized distributor specializing in industrial supplies for major brands of trucks and buses. The company delivers more than 3.6 billion parts annually to truck and bus manufacturers and their ecosystems.

Optimas offers a wide range of products from on-demand consumables, MROs and standard parts, including Class C components and OEM engineered components, in large quantities with easy web ordering. Product offerings under MRO and PPE include abrasives, adhesives, tools and equipment, electrical components, fasteners and safety items.

Among the services offered by Optimas under the program are procurement, technology-based inventory management with automated replenishment, as well as web-based sales, nursery and distribution solutions.

“We are excited about the growth opportunities in these markets with this new program,” said Scott McDaniel, vice president of industry and MRO. “Nearly 70% of the restocking we do saves our customers a lot of money. That’s why we wanted to formalize an exciting program for truck and bus service centers.

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