Tippy integrates Branch to launch the Tip solution

Tippythe digital tipping system for the service industry, collaborates with the labor payment platform Plugged to launch a unique cashless tipping solution, Tippy announcement Wednesday 6 April).

The integrated tool promises to optimize the failover experience from customer to service professional. As part of this partnership, Tippy can instantly distribute tips through an in-branch digital wallet.

Tippy’s network is personalized for business owners and staff and features customer-facing tipping screens, short message service, and QR codes designed to simplify tipping and maximize tipping results. Tippy said tips are increased by 23% on average.

Integration with Branch allows Tippy to reduce wait time to receive tips by more than 96%, the companies said. As a result, workers can receive their funds in less than an hour when pooling and tipping or in seconds when tipping directly.

“Originally built by salon owners for the salon and spa space, Tippy was quickly adopted by other industries accepting advice to meet the changing demands of businesses and their service professionals,” said Terry McKimfounder of Tippy and Chief Innovation Officer.

Now, with Branch, he said, Tippy can bring a more dynamic tipping experience and new benefits to salon owners as well as restaurants, hotels, fitness, valet and pet care.

The deal with Stripe comes a month-long Branch closed on a $75 million Series C funding round.

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The company said the money would be used to double its staff with remote positions across the United States; continue to grow in trucking, logistics, last-mile delivery and catering; expand industries to include construction, hospitality and fitness; and provide additional cash benefits and tools to customers.



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