Service sector

The services sector is the key to economic recovery after the coronavirus

Wall Street’s most optimistic economic forecasts hinge on a simple prediction: everyone will soon be returning to their local gyms, bars and yoga studios as if the pandemic is a thing of the past. A job boom in the vast service sector in the United States – the country’s largest employer, including software developers and […]

Service charge

Coronavirus: Private health centers may take ‘service charge’ of up to Rs 100 per vaccination

Private health centers may collect “service fees” from beneficiaries to cover their operating expenses (syringes, needles, labor, etc.) during the COVID-19 vaccination campaign. A service charge of Rs 100 will be added to the cost of vaccines. Private centers will not be allowed to charge more than Rs 100 (plus the cost of the vaccine) […]

Service center

Tesla Model X with beta FSD drives to service center without intervention

When Tesla hits its range goals and rolls out the full version of its complete self-driving system, the idea of ​​electric cars driving to their respective service appointments could very well become the norm. The current iteration of Tesla’s beta FSD isn’t fully autonomous yet, but the system already achieved such a feat recently, when […]