Service charge

Peter Davies explains why waiving service fees is a costly one-way street for hotel operators.

Every few months I read that another hotel company has made the decision to abolish service charges, gratuities, trunk systems and all that goes with it. Most of these companies do it for what they really think are the right reasons and with the best intentions and motivations. Some do it to disrupt, some to […]

Service charge

40% of leaseholders don’t know what their service fee pays

Research by property management specialists Keller Williams UK has found that the majority of leaseholders consider service charges to be unfair, with the lack of transparency on how they are spent also being a significant issue. In addition to land rents, rental charges will be paid by certain tenants to cover the maintenance costs of […]

Service center

Open letter to @LouisianaGov: Please keep Tesla’s service center in Louisiana

Dear Governor Edwards, I write this on behalf of my fellow friends in our state, Louisiana, as well as myself. I hold a reservation for the Tesla Cybertruck and many of my friends own different models of Tesla vehicles. There is only one service center in Louisiana and that is the one in New Orleans, […]

Service sector

Economic report of construction and service sector at record high

Economic indicators for industries such as construction are showing a “record high”. Construction was the fifth fastest growing sector in the report. “Demand for residential new home construction continues to outpace supply.” Construction companies reported the highest price increases for materials and services in March among 18 service industries. “All-time high” was the buzzword at […]

Service sector

Prices are rising widely in the massive service sector and companies are able to pass on these higher prices

The whole mentality has changed. By Wolf Richter for WOLF STREET. Services represent about two-thirds of the economy. During the pandemic, discretionary services such as travel and entertainment have been hit hard, and consumer spending on services in February was still down 5.2% from a year ago. But the services sector is huge, ranging from […]