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AEX Global aims to become an international “digital life service provider”

On May 12, 2022AEX Global has officially announced the establishment of an international “Digital Life Service Provider” to provide secure, comprehensive and simple diversified financial management services to one billion people. This means that AEX Global has officially transitioned from a “blockchain digital asset service provider” to other financial fields, and will create a “banking + brokerage + digital assets” system to create a class financial management brand. world in the digital economy, rich in products, safe, reliable, professional and stable, digital economy wealth management brand.

Over the past two years, thanks to institutional favor and growing political tolerance in various countries, the future path of digital finance represented by cryptocurrencies has become increasingly clear. The spread of the coronavirus has also accelerated the global transition to digital. money and cryptocurrencies. The days of relying exclusively on the US dollar are over and the role of cash as a financial instrument in conditions of high inflation is being gradually obliterated by history. Currently, nascent digital finance is still in the early stages of penetration, but industry pioneers embracing regulation, paying attention to compliance, and reaching out to established institutions have begun to build their own moat, and the digital economy is underway. to create a whole new definition of assets in the world.

For nine years, AEX Global, which insists on neutrality and does no harm and adheres to the principles of the financial industry, has earned an excellent reputation in the industry and become one of the crypto-asset service providers the most reliable in the world. Based on the reality, AEX will transform into an international “digital life service provider” serving users around the world. AEX proposed the [3 Year 3 Centres Plan]that is, it plans to build three major digital finance industry hubs within three years.

  • Information center: creation of a comprehensive database with content that allows customers to conveniently and comprehensively obtain information on investments, as well as improve investors’ knowledge and awareness of risks in the financial sector.
  • Value Exchange Center: Optimize product structure and experience, improve and enrich exchange products and instruments, and meet the diverse investment and trading needs of customers.
  • Financial Services Center: Develop financial services businesses from end users C to end users B that meet the needs of asset allocation, value creation and settlement for different types of customers, and create a universal institution in the ‘Digital Economy.

By May 2022, AEX had started to establish the three main centers and successfully obtained the digital banking license and legally started to establish digital asset businesses in the UK. AEX Global established BitTalk Business Department and AEX Research Center in Asian Quarter; Products such as Dual Investment, Perpetual Contract and Free Loan have been launched on the AEX platform, which guarantees the security, stability, convenience and enrichment of financial service products; Institutional services have been fully activated and are rapidly taking the lead among institutional service providers in the digital economy.

Currently, AEX Global Security Company holds financial licenses 1, 4, 7 and 9 in hong kong and also holds a New Zealand Brokerage License (USDT Deposit/Withdrawal Authorization), which allows AEX Global to legally and compliantly open security and fund businesses. According to the roadmap, AEX Global will soon add or obtain UK Banking License, Hong Kong Brokerage License, Hong Kong Fund License, New Zealand Brokerage License, Singapore RMO License, UNITED STATES MSB License and MSB Canada License, becoming an international “digital life service provider”.

The closer you look, the farther you see. AEX Global now provides a brand new crypto service to bring wealth closer to people!