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Amuru Local Chapters Record Success in Promoting Health Service Accountability

Residents of Layima sub-county in Amuru district, through teamwork of accountability champions and committed citizens, have improved health service delivery within their local communities through vigilance and personal responsibility.

Through teamwork and coordinated efforts, they managed to reduce the instances of drug theft in Health Centers II, which was the main reason for the unreliability of medical supplies in health facilities. local health.

The team is made up of people who volunteer to monitor breaches of transparency and accountability in the healthcare industry alongside their daily routines.

According to the Uganda Population Survey 2019, an average of 200 people die from malaria daily. Moreover, recent studies indicate that most people die due to preventable diseases resulting from a lack of personnel and under-equipped health facilities, while in some cases medical supplies are not enough to save the lives. patients.

Alfred Odoch, one of the 10 accountability champions trained by Action Aid International Uganda, revealed that they had managed to stem the cases of drug theft through the combined efforts of citizens, some local leaders and a few government officials. health following Ayella’s transfer. Kenneth, the responsible healthcare facility.

Ayella was accused of colluding with some locals to steal government medical supplies and store them in private clinics.

“In June 2021, thanks to community vigilance, we caught a boda Boda cyclist in the act of transporting boxes loaded with drugs (amoxicillin, paracetamols, TDRs) which were intended for use by village health teams (VHTs) and the health center. He was taking them to an unknown destination,” Odoch said.

He noted that during questioning by the angry mob, the Boda Boda runner reported that the said government drug belonged to Ayella, then in charge of the Omee II health center.

Ayera would then be arrested, held at the central police station for three days before being released on police bail.

“After realizing that Ayera had been released, we instructed the LC5 District Chairman to explain what really happened, but he gave us unsatisfactory explanations. Later, Ayera was taken to court and the case is still pending hearing.

Locals allege that according to information they received from various sources, Ayella was related to some of the upper management bigwigs in the district, which is why he was spared.

Most residents who interacted with ChimpReports lament that they can now access medications at their local healthcare facilities, thanks to the accountability initiative.

They noted, however, that the lack of reserve health workers due to understaffing remains a huge challenge.

Other major challenges at the Omee II Health Center include the lack of accommodation for senior staff, including the manager, who lives far from the facility.

“Imagine, in case we have a serious emergency requiring the efforts of the manager, how do we manage to overcome it, especially during this period when he stays far from this place and the referral center is almost 70 km away? One of the locals posed.