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Best Payment Gateway Service in Oman

It’s hard to believe how much the world has changed after Covid-19. When we talk only about technology, its use and applicability, the entire ecosystem has transformed, marking a dramatic shift towards digital transformation and digital adoption.

Seeing how brands and even consumers are leveraging technology right now, it’s inevitable that digital will completely take over the world in the years to come.

For a country like Oman, where people were generally used to traditional methods of transaction and purchase, there is an immense increase towards the adoption of digital payments or online payments in general. The government of Oman is also pushing to drive digital transformation in the country, as other countries in the Middle East are seeing.

There are many payment gateway services in Oman today, and we are going to cover the best payment gateway service in Oman for you.

Importance of Payment Gateways in Oman

The coronavirus pandemic has been a devastating global event. However, this has led to a shift towards online shopping, especially in countries like Oman. This has forced customers to get used to payment gateway services as they do not prefer to go back to old payment methods.

Consumers in Oman are now accustomed to payment gateway services whether for B2B or B2C purposes. Payment gateway services provide convenience to its consumers, with a safe and secure mechanism processed in seconds. The fact that Covid-19 was the trigger, which made consumers in Oman aware of the usefulness of technology and the ease of making payments online, means that the government is making more efforts to promote the Fintech sector and the online payment ecosystem.

That said, you need to know the best options for payment gateways in Oman.

1. Amazon Payment Services (APS) – APS offers an excellent solution for common users looking to transact through online payment gateways in Oman. It’s very simple and intuitive, with a mainstream adaptation in Oman. The service extends an array of payment features to its partners. There are built-in convenience features coupled with a simple user interface framework, with all relevant tutorials and resources to enable smooth payment transactions. The best feature of APS is its security protocols with compartmentalized authorization at every stage of the payment process, making it the most viable payment gateway option in Oman. If you are looking for a top payment gateway in Oman, APS is at the top.

APS is one of the most used payment gateway services in Oman simply due to its robust mechanism with easy integration with all major platforms i.e. Shopify, BigCommerce, Opencart etc. With absolutely zero start-up costs for entry-level plans, Amazon Payment Service Gateway is recognized as one of the most credible and transparent payment solutions in the country. Even for mid-tier accounts, e-commerce APS is perhaps the most viable option for large merchants, as the payment gateway service offers customized packages, based on transaction volume (per month ), making it ideal for large-scale enterprises. E-commerce merchants.

Additionally, the payment gateway service also offers its customers an installment option, providing greater flexibility for merchants. Additionally, APS data analysis algorithms help track business growth in real-time, making it the most ideal option for most medium and large businesses, and even ambitious startups.

2. Payment – ​​This payment gateway service can be considered one of the most popular in Oman, offering many flexible payment options for e-commerce merchants of various scalability. Launched in 2014, acts as a universal payment gateway service, supporting 15 languages ​​and 87 currencies, making it the ideal choice for sending or receiving international payments in Oman. Many companies, such as Pizza Hut, THG, Curve, Farfetch coupon code, etc. in Oman are opting for Checkout, because of its flexibility and personalized payment options. E-merchants using the Checkout Payment gateway service are only required to pay the one-time setup fee of $500, with additional fees of 0.95% + 2 cents and 2.9% + 20 cents per transaction, on European maps and non-European maps. , respectively.

3. 2CHECKOUT – Another very popular and highly rated global payment gateway service widely chosen across Oman. 2CheckOut has an expanded reach of online merchants, being available in 211 countries, worldwide. Providing full-fledged PCI compliance, the payment gateway service supports up to 87 currencies, with support for 15 different languages. The service also provides “ultimate fraud detection,” enabling address verification, saved over 300 CVVs, and rule checks. The additional transaction fees are slightly higher, given the global reach of the payment gateway service, translating to around 4% (3.9 to be exact), +45 cents on each transaction.

4. Tap – Tap is one of the most convenient and efficient online payment services in Oman. It acts as a reliable and transparent payment gateway service, leveraging technology to offer small and medium businesses and enterprises to easily execute online transactions. Whether receiving or sending, Tap gives you the flexibility, as well as the security to make/receive your payments in seconds, simplifying the payment sending and receiving ecosystem. The reason Tap is so popular in Oman is because of its simple user interface, both through the website and through the app. While the payment gateway service started in Kuwait in 2013, it gradually spread its roots to other Middle Eastern countries, including Oman, where it immediately gained popularity. Today, Tap supports over 1000 businesses, including large enterprises, securing tens of thousands of online payment transactions daily.

5. MyFatoorah – another fairly robust and credible payment gateway service in Oman, allowing businesses to send and receive online payments seamlessly. MyFatoorah offers services that fall under Billing, DHL, Point of Sale (POS), Payment Gateway, GCC Cards and KIF. Striking features of MyFatoorah which make it one of the best payment gateway services in Oman include instant deposit (within 24 hours), mobile notifications, customizable SMS, unmatched customer support, commerce plugins payment, compatibility of mobile applications and protection of the environment thanks to Go Green. MyFatoorah also offers access to tracking and reporting dashboards for businesses dealing with a large customer base or customer base. Due to its built-in customization and tailored online payment solutions for customers, MyFatoorah remains a popular payment gateway service across Oman.


The government of Oman is pushing digital transformation in the country, as it does not want to be left behind by other countries in the Middle East. This is the reason why we are witnessing a growth in the Fintech sector, with more online payment gateway services emerging in the country, to allow consumers to make or receive payments with ease. , while growing exponentially and driving the growth of Oman’s digital landscape. .