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City Council to Vote on Agreement for New MidAmerican Energy Service Center | Government and politics

SIOUX CITY — MidAmerican Energy Company plans to build a new service center on a 58-acre site on the north side of town, according to city documents.

Sioux City Council will be called on Monday to approve a development agreement for the new service center, which would be located at 5515 28th St., near the Highway 20 bypass.

MidAmerican intends to consolidate operations from several of its Sioux City service facilities at the new location. Grading is expected to be completed this year and the new facility built in 2023, according to the documents.

MidAmerican is looking for a temporary grade and grading easement on a portion of adjacent municipal property to the east of its site. Under an approved grading plan, MidAmerican would grade a portion of the city’s easement area, relocate approximately 83,000 cubic yards of earth, and make storm drainage improvements to the site. MidAmerican agreed to pay $83,000 for the dirt removed, the documents show.

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The documents indicate that the city has also agreed to install certain utility extensions and street improvements to serve the MidAmerican development site. The improvements are being made as part of the 28th Street project in accordance with the city’s agreement with Woodbury County for the new Law Enforcement Center, which is currently under construction.

Under the proposed development agreement, MidAmerican would reimburse the city for various utility costs and the cost of constructing various public improvements, including water, sewer and street improvements, according to the documents.

In April 2021, the council unanimously approved an application to rezone the service center. The parcel of land south of 28th Street, which was previously used as farmland, has been rezoned from Agriculture to Business Park.

The Business Park District is intended for an office, research and technology park with enhanced site and building standards to create a high-quality, campus-like employment hub.