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Converge Launches Data Center Internet Service Provider

MANILA, Philippines — Converge ICT Solutions Inc. has joined the data center bandwagon by offering its own service for business and residential customers.

Converge launched Data Center (DC) Express to meet the high capacity needs of businesses and individuals.

DC Express serves as a clear channel, dedicated connectivity connecting data centers, especially banks, business process outsourcing and multinational corporations, through the Converge Data Center Interconnect Network.

The service relies on the latest dense wavelength division multiplexing which allows users to input even their high capacity requirements.

The technology DC Express runs on enables up to 100 Gbps of transfer speed to data centers here in the Philippines.

Converge also plans to extend DC Express to international data centers.

The company also offers an optical transport network for customers who wish to use their own terminals.

In addition to supporting Ethernet connectivity, DC Express recognizes the various protocols that interconnect customer equipment housed in data centers.

Converge, owned by businessman Dennis Anthony Uy, said enterprise customers can also use Fiber Channel given its compatibility with DC Express, especially for mission-critical business applications.

DC Express seeks to meet the connectivity needs of enterprises whose equipment is located in data centers.

Converge COO Jesus Romero said DC Express hosts an enterprise-grade SLA and its utilities could be provisioned quickly.

Romero also promised that the service has a 24-hour support and recovery team ready to respond to customer issues.

Romero added that Converge intends to expand its offerings to meet the growing needs of its customers, particularly in the enterprise sector.

According to Romero, enterprise subscribers could rely on DC Express to provide them with fast and secure data transfers.

Structure Research, an internet infrastructure firm, said the Philippines is proving to be a promising investment location in the Asia-Pacific region for data center projects.