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Cox Automotive Mobility to Build Electric Vehicle Battery Service Center in Belleville

Cox Automotive Mobility has announced a further expansion of its network of EV battery service centers with a facility in Belleville. // Courtesy of Cox Automotive Mobility

Cox Automotive Mobility and Spiers New Technology of Atlanta today announced the expansion of their global network of electric vehicle battery service centers with new facilities in Belleville, southeast of Ann Arbor, and Las Vegas.

Global automakers are investing billions in new electric vehicle models to meet government-mandated environmental targets, but even with years of vehicle subsidies, sales of battery-powered vehicles have been growing slowly. Additionally, rising inflation and supply chain delays have impacted sales, along with higher vehicle costs, long charging times and range anxiety.

In response, Cox is strategically directing its business to support this transition and meet the current and future needs of its customers.

The company is building its global electric vehicle battery service network with dedicated locations in the United States and Europe.

In addition to supporting practices that enable EV battery expansion, end-of-life reuse, and pre-processing recycling, Cox says it follows industry standards for battery inspection and evaluation. battery health.

This includes the company’s grading system and diagnostic tool, built in partnership with Spiers New Technologies, which provides a VIN-specific battery health score to help provide transparency with dealers and consumers.

“The expansion of our EV battery service centers in the Midwest and West reinforces Cox Automotive’s commitment to being the world’s leading battery health innovator and end-to-end battery service provider,” says Lea Malloy, assistant vice president of EV battery solutions at Cox. . “We take care of the EV battery life cycle, delivering efficient and sustainable solutions that will effectively extend first battery life and help keep batteries out of our oceans and landfills.”

With further geographic expansion planned later this year, the company is expected to increase its global operating footprint to over 1 million square feet. Cox and Spires also operate end-to-end EV battery service centers in Oklahoma City, Okla., and Ede, The Netherlands.