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Distributors Task communities Collaboration with service providers for better electricity

1 M Oduntan Sundaythe Executive Director, Research and Advocacy, Association of Electricity Distributors of Nigeria (ANED)urged communities to cooperate and collaborate with service providers to improve electricity supply.

2 Oduntan pleaded Thursday at the IBEDC Information session Meeting organized by ANEDa project of the Macarthur Foundation, in Ibadan.

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3 The press agency of Nigeria reports that the meeting was aimed at raising customer awareness and building the customer service capacity of electricity distribution companies.

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4 The executive director of ANED, however, said electricity supply had improved in recent weeks across the country, and much needed to be done to ensure the industry catered to the many Nigerians.

5 “The way forward is greater cooperation and collaboration between service providers and communities.

6 “From what I saw in the briefing here in Ibadan, most of the time there is a disconnect in terms of awareness.

seven “We need to let our customers know what we are doing and what we need to do.

8 We are not yet where we are supposed to be.

9 “There needs to be more improvement.

ten There is a bit of complaint about customer care, we also need to step up.

11 “I will settle all this with the management.

12 I assure you that IBEDC will step up and things will get better with IBEDC,” he said.

13 Oduntan said he was there when the privatization took place, adding, “I can say that IBEDC today is better than the one I left in 2014.”
According to him, the impact of energy theft and vandalism is huge on the industry.

14 “The amount of energy that is being stolen in this country is such that it has impacted our ability to provide services.

15 “Communities need to protect their processors.

16 People need to secure their transformers to ensure the industry is able to provide the services we need.

Also, Mr. Olumide AkinmusireIBEDC, Regional Manager, Ibadan, who spoke about the company’s efforts to improve service delivery and the new initiative, said that IBEDC has improved its service relationship with its customers.

18 Akinmusire said IBEDC has shortened the time needed to resolve issues affecting efficiency and effectiveness.

19 He urged electricity consumers to play their part by paying for the electricity they use, adding that electricity is not a social service.

20 “The government is doing a lot to improve electricity and we have various customer service opportunities, including whistleblowing.

21 “If you see something, say something to reduce energy theft and vandalism,” he said.

22 Commenting, sir Gboyega Agunlejikasaid the lack of investment in the electricity sector in the 1980s and 1990s caused the current imbalance in the industry in which there was no capacity to serve the growing population of Nigerians.

Agunlejika said the current tariff reflecting the cost of service was established to ensure the sustainability of the industry.

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