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Feds suspend $2 service charge on reservations to drive Red Rock Scenic Drive outside of Las Vegas

By Alan Snel of

The federal government has suspended the $2 service charge on the toll collected to drive the popular Red Rock Loop, the 13-mile scenic route used by thousands of visitors to Red Rock Canyon each month.

The reservation system is still in place for people who want to drive their cars on the scenic loop about 17 miles west of the Las Vegas Strip near State Route 159 outside the growing suburb. of Summerlin. It costs $15 for a car on the loop. Visitors can also use a $30 Red Rock Canyon Annual Support Pass or an $80 America The Beautiful Pass to ride the loop.

The Bureau of Land Management, the federal agency that manages the Red Rock National Conservation Area, began requiring drivers on the Red Rock Loop to make reservations in November 2020 due to overcrowding and the circulation during the months of good weather. was charging a $2 processing fee for timed Red Rock Scenic Drive entry reservations — even for people who had the annual passes to drive the loop.

Here is the BLM’s explanation of why it instituted the timed reservation system for drivers on the Red Rock Loop: “The Red Rock Canyon NCA Scenic Drive typically experiences a significant increase in visitation during seasonal autumn, winter and spring temperatures, mainly between the hours of 8am and 5pm, resulting in closures when the paid zone reaches capacity. To address capacity and security issues, timed entry reservations will be mandatory for all visitors from October 1 through May 31 between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. Timed entry reservations will not begin until November 3 this year. Timed entry reservations are not required between June 1 and September 30.

The $2 processing fee to make the reservation sparked opposition from some Red Rock loop drivers and a lawsuit was filed against the $2 fee. reached out to BLM/Red Rock spokesperson John Asselin with an email and phone call this week, but never heard back. If we hear anything from the BLM, we’ll pass the information on to our readers.

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