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Finland’s service sector suffers from a long labor shortage | New

Employers say finding workers is difficult.

While the service sector as a whole struggles to find workers, the restaurant sector is one of the hardest hit. Image: Matti Myller/Yle

The service sector in Finland is suffering from a protracted labor shortage, with employers claiming that there are simply not enough job seekers or that their skills do not match the needs of the workforce. company.

A report (siirryt toiseen palveluun) published in April by the Ministry of Economy and Employment revealed that the number of sectors suffering from labor shortages has reached pre-Covid pandemic levels, the catering and construction being new additions to the list.

During the worst phases of the Covid pandemic, Finnish employment services received notification of around 1,200 vacancies per month, but this number had increased to 3,200 vacancies per month by 2022.

While the service industry as a whole struggles to find workers, the catering industry is hardest hit, with the report calling its staff shortage “severe”.

The issue was also reflected in a statement on Monday from Finnish retail and service cooperative S-Group, which said it would close a dozen of its restaurants in the capital region this summer, in part due of a lack of staff.

Tatu Rauhamakidirector of enterprise policy at Palta, a group of service sector employers, said the debate on skills shortages in Finland often goes off track.

“We’re not just talking about top talent, we need all kinds of people,” Rauhamäki said, adding that for the problem to be solved, more steps need to be taken to hire more foreign labor and to recruit those who are already in the country.