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Grand Island RV Service Center Opens to Meet Growing Demand | Grand Island Local News

Demand for recreational vehicles is at an all-time high across the country.

According to industry sources, manufacturers shipped 543,000 units in 2021. The previous high was 504,600 units shipped to dealers in 2017.

The North American recreational vehicle market was valued at $33.95 billion in 2021. Industry sources forecast this growth to reach $59.16 billion by 2027. This represents an increase of approximately 9 .7%.

With record numbers of RVs expected to hit the road this summer, Grand Island’s Rick and Kristen Martin opened the Expert RV Service Center at 3333 W. Stolley Park Road on May 1.

Expert RV Service Center service technician Zach Lepant services an RV trailer.

Independent, Robert Pore

“My husband and I have been camping for years,” Kristen Martin said. “We’ve owned several different motorhomes over the years and raised our kids camping.”

She said that over the past two years there have been many new campers on the road.

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“We felt there was a need in the area for an RV service company that offered superior customer service and very friendly staff,” she said.

Martin said their staff had years of experience in the field.

“We are very lucky to have them on board,” she added.

With the new facility and experienced staff, Martin said they can service any make or model of motorhome.

“We are working on having a full line of parts in the store for DIYers,” she said.

As part of the opening expansion of the new facility, Martin said they are adding a third bay door for repairs.

“We are super excited for our new venture,” she said. “We are excited to help serve our friends in the camping community,”

Expert RV Service Center also performs warranty work and inspections.

RV Expert Service Center

In addition to RV and caravan maintenance, Expert RV Service Center also sells a growing selection of accessories for its customers.

Independent, Robert Pore

In addition to Martins, the office staff includes Chad Sandoe, managing director, and Kim Garrett, comptroller.

Courtney Glock, vice president of the Grand Island Chamber of Commerce, said the Expert RV Service Center “is a much-needed service offered to our community.”

“They (Martins) have been told time and time again about the importance of RV and RV maintenance in this area,” Glock said.

Martin said they can fix any type of RV make or model.

“We do everything from electrical systems to water systems,” she said. “We can fix air conditioners and almost anything RV related.”

Martin said his family have been avid campers for many years.

“We raised our kids camping and bought several different campers over the years,” she said. “We really felt there was a need for a really good service center here in town.”

Martin said they had been in the planning process for almost a year before opening their store on May 1.

“We have amazing staff who have years of VR experience,” she said.

RV Expert Service Center

Kristen Martin said that since opening May 1, they’ve seen a lot of business. “We have been well received in the community,” she said. “Business has been beyond your expectations.” Grand Island is an ideal location for an RV service center, she added, because the community intersects with Interstate 80 and four major freeways.

Independent, Robert Pore

Martin said Grand Island is an ideal location for an RV service center. Four major highways (281, 30, 34, and 2) are located in the community, and Interstate 80 passes a few miles to the south.

Not only are baby boomers hitting the road in record numbers, but so are millennials.

According to industry sources, millennials are renting and buying more RVs than ever before.

According to new data from RV rental platform, RVshare, 73% of millennials recently indicated that they are “likely to take a trip by RV in the future”.

Martin said that since opening earlier this month they have seen a lot of business.

“We have been well received in the community,” she said. “The business has been beyond your expectations. In the first three weeks we have been so overwhelmed with business that we are at the point where we are already looking for help. »

As for the future, Martin wants to continue to focus on maintenance and repairs.

“We talked about the possibility of selling motorhomes in the future,” she said.

But for the immediate future, their priority is RV and motorhome service and repairs.