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I can’t wait to start using this telemedicine service, get it started

As a young Nigerian battling the country’s decrepit health system, any disruptive innovation that promises to transform the status quo always sends the butterflies in my stomach into delirium.

That was my reaction when I read that Nigeria’s leading health management organization, Leadway Health, had announced the launch of a telemedicine service on its health insurance plans (HMOs), and honestly, I can’t wait to use it. Imagine the ability to access world-class, real-time healthcare services from qualified medical professionals from the comfort of your home without having to visit the hospital. Sounds incredibly convenient, right?

For context, telemedicine is an innovative healthcare solution that offers remote diagnosis and treatment of patients through telecommunications technology. This implies that people in need of medical care and health services can quickly access the right medical personnel – doctors, nurses, pharmacists, physiotherapists – etc. – in the comfort of their own home. It’s even better. With telemedicine, people can receive diagnoses, place drug orders, and even get medical exams without leaving their homes.

Now that’s huge because telemedicine is an innovation that will not only be hugely beneficial to people who hate visiting hospitals like me, but also promises to revolutionize the Nigerian healthcare system by increasing its accessibility and ability to deliver transparent services.

Beyond that, telemedicine is a timely innovation that responds to the realities of the digital age, where people’s feelings favor the use of digital devices with internet connectivity for everything, including a doctor’s appointment. . As such, Leadway Health’s inclusion of telemedicine in its HMO services is truly remarkable in the context of the realities of the Nigerian healthcare system. By including the telemedicine feature in its services, Leadway Health has demonstrated its unique, forward-thinking and innovative approach to providing seamless, closer to home and uninterrupted access to superior healthcare delivery.

There are a variety of reasons I’m looking forward to using Leadway’s Telemedicine HMO, many of which reflect some of my feelings, ranging from serious matters like my deep concern about access to the right healthcare professionals to emotional otherwise insignificant but important like the unpredictable traffic trap that is characteristic of the megalopolis of Lagos.

Above all, I am convinced that this innovation from Leadway Health will benefit everyone, and I am sure that you will share my feelings after reading the following paragraphs.

1. Telemedicine offers unparalleled convenience

As I said earlier, there are many reasons why I am excited to use Leadway Health Telemedicine, but of all of them, the convenience it provides is supreme. This rings especially true in the Nigerian healthcare delivery system, where access to healthcare professionals is not always as seamless as needed.

Too often, we must all have heard of or personally experienced delays in accessing timely health services where and when they are needed. But with Leadway Health’s telemedicine, I can skip the line and excessively protracted hospital processes while staying in my living room and get expedited access to healthcare.

With this crucial feature, not only enrollees can eliminate the time of traveling to the hospital, but they can also get simple procedures like blood tests done at their preferred locations without any hassle. If that doesn’t scream for indulgence, then I don’t know what else.

2. Telemedicine may prove to be a magic bullet for the Nigerian healthcare system

Let me explain. Silver bullets, in very clear terms, refer to simple solutions to complex problems. In the context of the health sector in Nigeria, telemedicine could turn out to be a mere panacea, or on a lighter note, the magic wand that solves the majority of its illnesses.

Do not mistake yourself. I am not saying that telemedicine is a one size fits all solution for the Nigerian healthcare system but through its integration of technology it can deliver the wide range of services that the sector is sorely lacking and believe me there are statistics to back this up.

According to a National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) survey, only 43.3% of Nigerians have access to healthcare, with an average of just 1.95 qualified doctors per 1,000 people.

These reports are dire, given the country’s estimated population of 200 million. Despite Nigeria’s strategic position in Africa, the country is largely underserved in the area of ​​health care, with health facilities (health centres, staff and medical equipment) being grossly inadequate, especially in rural areas. While the Nigerian government has proposed various reforms to address these issues, results have been scarce.

With telemedicine, however, we can maximize the potential of our existing medical staff by incorporating technology to provide rapid health services to people on a larger scale than usual physical consultations allow. With the skill, popularity and availability of mobile technology and the penetration of internet connectivity even in some rural areas, I am confident that Leadway Health telemedicine portends an effective solution to the range problem. and accessibility in our health care delivery system.

3. This telemedicine is offered by Leadway Health

This point is the highlight for me. Apart from the fantastic potential that telemedicine generally offers to the health sector in Nigeria, the highlight of my excitement is that it is not just any telemedicine service but none other than the leading organization of Nigeria Health Management, Leadway Health.

Leadway Health is an affiliate of Leadway Assurance Company Limited, a proven financial services organization renowned for its integrity in the insurance business. It’s no wonder Leadway Health has been able to earn an unprecedented level of public trust in just one year of existence.

Moreover, this particular feature has superior coverage of different specializations, including general medicine and specialist care, as well as its availability 24 hours a day, every day of the week. Registrants can also receive doctor’s reports via the telemedicine platform and schedule drug deliveries and lab tests, all without having to visit the hospital.

It gets even better as access to the telemedicine platform on Leadway’s HMO service is free for all of its HMO registrants. So you see why I can’t wait to use this service, and by now I’m sure I must have convinced you.

Fun fact, my very good friend, Mr. Olatokunbo Alli, CEO of Leadway Health has always expressed the deep interest of the organization in revolutionizing the delivery of accessible and close to home healthcare in Nigeria. As he rightly put it, “building a strong, resilient and people-centred health system will disrupt the delivery of health care to Nigerians”.

Leadway’s telemedicine will certainly open up countless possibilities in the Nigerian healthcare sector, and as I have said many times, I look forward to using it.

Please don’t take my word for it. For more information on the telemedicine offer, please visit or scan the QR code at the top right or call us on 012801051 or email [email protected] for professional advice.

By Sekinat Ojeniyi