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IDnow Provides Onboarding Technology for Maritime Employment Service

IDnow has partnered with Ankaa to streamline hiring procedures in the maritime industry. Ankaa operates an automated platform for maritime employees and will now integrate IDnow’s AutoIdent solution into this platform to enable secure identity verification.

By doing so, Ankaa will be better able to comply with international Know Your Customer and Anti-Money Laundering regulations. On that front, IDnow noted that seafarers often get their paycheck sent to a beneficiary ashore (such as a spouse or other family member). IDnow’s automatic identification will ensure that every sailor is who they say they are and that their money is going to the right destination.

The partnership will also help Ankaa speed up its onboarding process and verify the authenticity of employee credentials. Ankaa requires potential crew members to submit dozens of other documents before boarding a vessel, including certificates and proof of work history. AutoIdent will confirm that the name on these documents matches the name on the applicant’s ID, with an automated process much faster than the traditional process. In this regard, Ankaa said onboarding takes up to 50 minutes for each crew member, while the AutoIdent process can be completed in as little as 11 minutes.

“In recent years, regulatory attention has widened and all maritime industry entities and associated supply chains have been advised by regulators around the world to significantly improve their due diligence and compliance programs in order to ‘avoid breaching global sanctions’, said Ankaa Founder and Managing Director Ian Livingstone. “The new functionality ensures that maritime employers can further enhance their substantial employment decision, while ensuring tax compliance with banks and trust authorities.

Ankaa is IDnow’s newest distribution partner in the UK, which has quickly become one of the biggest markets for the company’s identity technology. The company recently consolidated its offerings as an IDnow platform for identity verification and hired a new vice president to manage its trust services portfolio.