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Ipswich digital agency launches new pay-per-lead service

08:00 april 18, 2022

GLO – Generate Leads Online, an Ipswich-based digital marketing agency, has launched a new pay-per-lead service to meet industry demand for easier and more cost-effective lead generation.

The new service, which was initially trialled last year, saves businesses the cost of a new website and offers them three different payment options, including pay-per-lead. GLO will create a website for free, with customers paying only for leads generated.

“Our lead generation offering allows businesses of all sizes to reap the benefits of a sales-focused website without spending their budget on web design, development and maintenance,” said John Parnell, Founder and Managing Director of GLO, which was named Start-Up Business of the Year at the 2021 Suffolk Business Awards.

“Clients simply pay per lead, on a cost per booking basis, on a commission basis, or using a mix of the three depending on their business, ensuring profitability at all times.”

Businesses in all industries – both B2B and B2C – can take advantage of the service, which “cuts out demoralizing proximity marketing” like untargeted calls and emails.

“That being said, we’ve found our sites and landing pages to be particularly effective in industries traditionally reliant on outbound lead generation, including insurance, mortgages, higher education, debt collection, credit repair, solar energy and home services sectors”. John explained.

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