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Source: MTD Santa Barbara

Effective Monday, April 25, 2022, Santa Barbara MTD will temporarily reduce service levels to improve system reliability. During the COVID-19 pandemic, nationwide transit operators and many other industries have experienced labor shortages, and MTD is no different. As MTD continues to aggressively recruit for bus operators, the agency has seen a confluence of retirements and normal attrition resulting in a drop in the number of bus operators available. This decline, coupled with the surge of Omicron, has resulted in the occasional cancellation of various bus trips, creating uncertainty for passengers.

In order to adjust service to a level that MTD’s workforce can reliably cover on a day-to-day basis, MTD staff have made surgical changes to service levels that will take effect Monday, April 25, 2022. that these reductions are designed to last for the spring and summer period, MTD will notify the public of any future adjustments to the service.

“The reliability of our schedules is crucial and due to the current labor shortage, the temporary reduction in service is a necessary step,” said MTD General Manager Jerry Estrada. “We hope these temporary reductions will give us time to recruit appropriately and return to higher levels of service later this year.”

The changes are different for each bus line, so passengers are encouraged to check the timetables for the lines they travel before April 25, 2022. Temporary timetable guides are being printed and hard copies will be available at transit center and on board. bus by next week. In the meantime, a pdf of the new schedule guide is available at this link and the public can get more details at The table on page 2 of this press release describes the changes for each bus line.