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Mumbai Metro One completes 8 years of service

Promoting Reliance Infrastructure Mumbai Metro One has successfully completed 8 years of operation of India’s first PPP metro rail project. Entering the MRTS space largely run by public sector organizations, Mumbai Metro One has already proven to be a case study in the industry.

By emphasizing operational efficiency, technological innovation and customer orientation, Mumbai Metro One has become a lifeline in the Versova-Andheri-Ghatkopar corridor.

Being the first metro in Mumbai, the operator was able to soak up the metro culture among commuters and educate people on how the metro system works.

MMOPL was aptly rendered by the Mumbaikars who shared their love, support, appreciation and sense of belonging on various platforms.

The number of users testifies to this affection. Milestones achieved in 8 years:

Milestone of the Year (Lakhs)


2 1,843

3 2 919

4 4 127

5 5 489

6 6 556

7 6 681

8 7 210

Mumbai Metro One completed 8.8 Lakh trips with over 99% punctuality. Rain or shine, Mumbai Metro One has always proved to be a savior for the Mumbaikars. during these 8 years of operation, 16 trains of Mumbai Metro One delivered nearly 1 Cr. km journey about 6.25 Lakh kms by each train.

Course Milestone of the Year (in Lakh km)

1 14.6

2 28.9

3 43.0

4 57.2

5 72.1

6 84.3

7 89.0

8 98.5

We are extremely happy to have reached the milestone of providing a pleasant customer experience to 710 million commuters over the past 8 years of our journey. We appreciate the overwhelming affection shown to us by the Mumbaikars who have helped us become a lifeline in Versova – Andheri – Ghatkopar.

The people of Mumbai always responded to our gesture and kept their spirits up. Mumbai Metro One has set a record by carrying 5.2 lakh commuters per day which proves its capabilities; All credit once again goes to our valued customers who have been kind enough to lend their support. We are confident that we will also benefit from similar cooperation in the future.

Major achievements in 8 years

• India’s first metro to launch mobile QR ticketing – November 17, 2017

Mobile QR ticketing has enabled commuters to book tickets at their convenience from anywhere and travel hassle-free on Mumbai Metro One.

• India’s first metro line with solar roofs – November 1, 2017

Installation of solar panels on the roof with a capacity of 3 MWp in the 12 metro stations and the metro depot.

• India’s first loyalty program in MRTS, “Metro Rewards” – December 28, 2018

“Metro Rewards” is a unique loyalty program of Mumbai Metro One which provides benefits to its commuters by earning points while traveling with the metro which can be redeemed for various offers from partner brands.

• Paper QR ticket “Innovative ticketing” – January 16, 2020

QR (quick response) paper tickets introduced to achieve the goal of ending the use of plastic tokens and therefore eliminating plastic-based pollution as a green and sustainable initiative. Paper QR Ticket is also the first to be implemented in Mumbai’s public transport system, enabling ticketing transactions twice as fast as issuing plastic tokens.

• Unlimited travel pass “To offer more flexibility and affordable journeys to metro commuters” – January 23, 2020

This unlimited pass allows commuters unlimited and hassle-free travel at selected stations, so there is no need to purchase tickets daily.

• MOLD “Metro One Universe of Learning & Development” – February 28, 2020

As part of efforts to establish Mumbai Metro One as a knowledge organization, inaugurated

“MOULD” (Metro One Universe of Learning & Development) center to deliver classroom and hands-on training to all upcoming metro lines in Mumbai.

• WhatsApp e-ticket – April 15, 2022

Mumbai Metro One has taken a major green initiative in the area of ​​e-ticketing. Continuing its tradition of innovation and delivering a world-class customer experience, R-Infra’s Mumbai Metro One has become the world’s first MRTS (Mass Rapid Transit System) to offer e-tickets on WhatsApp.

• Retail signs in Metro

Mumbai Metro One has attracted several big brands like Bisleri, LIC, IndusInd Bank, Jumbo King, Burger King, Aurelia, Peter England, Wagh Bakri, Monginis, Kotak Bank to name a few.

• Trademarks in advertising

Many big brands have partnered with Mumbai Metro One. MasterCard, Vivo, Medimix, LIC, Bisleri, IndusInd Bank, Tecno, Ikea, Amazon to name a few.