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Need to revamp fire services as netizen opinions suggest they are ill-prepared and ill-equipped -By Sandra Ijeoma Okoye

It is no exaggeration to say that the fire that leveled the Temple Hill supermarket in the town of Festac on Wednesday August 3, 2022 has further revealed how ill-prepared and ill-equipped the Federal Fire Service is.

In fact, there is no denying the fact that Nigerians are not adequately protected against fires and that fire service formations across the country are generally below people’s expectations whenever they are contacted to smother. fires.

The reason for the above opinion cannot be far-fetched, as Federal Fire Service officials are wont to offer flimsy excuses to the public as to why they were unable to successfully fight a fire. given. Some of the apologies explained that a crowd prevented them from accessing the scene of the incident and that they received a call about the fire so late. It’s not done, they used to say that it was not possible to cope with the heavy traffic they usually faced when heading to the scene of the fire, coupled with the behavior of a angry mob to whom they often allege stones. As if the previous excuses they’re known for weren’t enough, they’ll mostly say their ladders aren’t long enough or they don’t have enough water in the firefighting vehicle’s tank. . In fact, if the ladders they took to the fire scene aren’t long enough, the hose may not be long enough. Without resorting to embers on the leadership of the service in this context, it is no exaggeration to say that it can never be out of place at this time for Nigerians to urge firefighters to go tell their stories to the navy whenever she gives excuses for being unable to fight a given fire across the country came.

So it is in this context that you sincerely visited Twitter. Facebook and Naira Land, being the top 3 most popular social media platforms, Nigerians often visit from my personal observations, to taste the opinions of netizens. For clarity in this context, an Internet user is an active participant in the online community of the Internet.

A Twitter user with handle @DI0RDADDY tweeted: “The Festac Supermarket in Omo Temple Hill has been burning for an hour+ and the @LAG_FireService did absolutely nothing to help save it.

In his reply to @DI0RDADDY, Eddy Lanky tweeted: “Literally still not doing anything I think first van arrived with almost empty tank then waited over 20 mins for backup now second is here but does nothing. a lot either”. He tweeted again and said, “This is one of the best, biggest and most affordable supermarkets in Festac. Funny how @LAG_FireService ran out of water”.

On the Facebook platform, a user by the name of Anthony Abakporo commented, “TEMPLE HILL supermarket is a landmark on 71 Road by 24 Junction Festac Town. The place is a two-story building with goods worth millions. Is on fire 🔥 now at 1am on August 4th and firefighters came, fought the fire and then left because they have no water.

He lamented: “Someone’s investment is burning because of the fire department’s lack of capacity. We need a new Nigeria 🇳🇬. We can’t survive like this

Uzor Noble Emeka, also a Facebook user, commented, “Nigeria is done with me. Fire department leaving the fire to fight the wind. Temple Hill Supermarket Festac is booming”.

Chris Omeruo, who is more detailed and explicit in his post, said: “TEMPLE HILL Supermarket is a two storey building and landmark at 71 Road by 24 Junction Festac Town, Lagos. Last night it was engulfed in fire and property worth millions of naira was set on fire.

The firefighters who came couldn’t put out the fire when they left because they didn’t have enough water. This is the reality of the Nigeria we live in where nothing works even when taxes are paid to the government. We need a new Nigeria 🇳🇬”.

Remigius Christian in his post said, “Goods worth millions of naira have been burned as fire razes Temple Hill supermarket in Festac, Lagos. As they tried to contain the situation, unfortunately, the firefighters ran out of supplies. According to a source, the fire was caused by an electrical fault that occurred when power was restored…”

Without recourse to make this piece boring, it is fitting to state in this context that it is inappropriate for fire stations to be literally scattered across our cities without having any meaningful impact in society. I am therefore suggesting in this way that the problems besetting the firefighting sector should be given serious consideration by both the Senate and the House of Representatives, while the Minister of the Interior should not rest on his laurels by ensuring that that the firefighters sector is completely redesigned.

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