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Pasadena Citizen Service Center sees increased calls about water wasters – Pasadena Now

Pasadenians seem to be acutely aware of the importance of water conservation given the extreme drought conditions and water shortages. The city-run Citizen Service Center (CSC) reported an increase in calls about wasted water month over month in 2022.

“When these reports are received, they are automatically sent to our PWP Water Conservation Team, who confirm the violation and will initially send a Courtesy Water Waste Notification to the resident via email and/or mail” said Tony Olmos, director of public works for Pasadena. , said. “Our PWP water conservation team works with customers to help them correct any violations and educate them on how to conserve water in your home.”

Launched in 2014 as a centralized customer service to provide the public with quick and easy access to all government services in Pasadena, CSC answered 38,882 calls in 2022 from January through July.

Bulky Items – Scheduled Pickup is a service topic that has consistently topped the list of the top 20 most requested concerns in town.

Water waste calls have been on the list regularly since 2018, according to the report presented to the city council’s municipal services committee.

In 2021, CSC received a total of 4,929 calls related to water waste, second in the list after bulky items. Between January and July this year, calls from Wasting Water reached 1,136.

Among the main concerns is the pickup of large items, Olmos said CSC coordinates calls with the Department of Public Works’ Resource Recovery and Recycling Division (RRR) as soon as they are received.

“CSC and the Resource Recovery and Recycling Division of Public Works work closely together daily to coordinate and schedule pickups quickly,” he said. “In addition, RRR monitors locations considered ‘hotspots’ in the city to pick up regularly dumped abandoned items. Public Works is focused on educating residents to contact CSC to schedule their two free bulky item pickups available each year.

As a one-stop service to help Pasadena residents connect with their city, CSC can be reached by phone, through its own page on the city’s website, via live chat and a mobile app. Knowledgeable customer service representatives are ready to answer questions about City programs, services and events and direct the caller to the appropriate City Hall office if needed.

The CSC maintains a list of 169 available request topics, each assigned to an employee or workgroup to be addressed. Once a request is submitted through any available channel, a CSC request is created, which in most cases automatically creates a work request for field staff.

“Our CSC system is integrated with our public works ordering system which allows for real-time notification,” Olmos said. “When an application is submitted, residents have the option of providing us with their email address and they will be notified once the application is complete. Users of our mobile apps simply need to open their app to view their existing requests and status. »

Graffiti requests, another major Pasadenian concern, are handled with the same process, Olmos said. Once a graffiti request call is received, CSC notifies the Public Works field crew and asks them to remove all graffiti within 24 hours.

“While we don’t believe we can prevent all graffiti, we believe that removing graffiti immediately helps reduce recurrence in that specific location,” Olmos said. “In addition, city staff are taking photos of the graffiti and forwarding them to our police department for possible prosecution if the perpetrator is arrested at a later date.”

Each year, representatives assigned to the Citizen Service Center receive more than 85,000 phone calls from Pasadena residents and visitors, engage in more than 5,000 chat conversations, and create more than 35,000 service requests that are escalated to various city ​​departments and offices.

“The Citizen Service Center strives to provide the public with quick and easy access to all government services in Pasadena while maintaining the highest level of customer service possible – city services made simple,” Olmos said.

Requests are considered closed or resolved when the required work has been completed by the field team or City staff. CSC can also close a request call when it refers the file to another responsible department, which then takes charge of the file. When an application is closed after a referral, the affected resident is informed of the next steps to take and informed that they can inquire about the status in the future.

“CSC staff are working to improve our outreach efforts to further promote CSC and also welcome the opportunity to attend community meetings and introduce CSC to our residents,” Olmos said.

The Citizen Service Center can be reached by phone at (626) 744-7311 or by email at

More information about CSC is available at

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