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Police Captain’s Duty Recall During 9/11

Capt. John McBride (right) during a recent promotion ceremony with Sgt. Stephen Cilento and Lt. Sean Greenberger. (Photo courtesy of Jackson Police)

JACKSON — 21 years ago, the devastating Attack on America hit New York City and, like many others outside the city who were called for help, the township police captain , John McBride, will never forget what he witnessed.

McBride was born in the Bronx before his family moved to Howell. He has served in the Air Force and has made law enforcement his career path, having recently been promoted from lieutenant to captain at a July 12 Jackson Township council meeting.

His remarkable record was read to the governing body and the public by township police chief Matthew Kunz. McBride began full-time service with the department in 1999.

For the Jackson Township Police Department, he was a uniformed patrolman from 1999 to 2005, the evening shift and later the day shift.


He served as a patrol sergeant from 2005 to 2020. He oversaw Alpha One and Alpha Two squads on the midnight shift for five years and worked the day shift for 10 years.

As Jackson’s patrol lieutenant from 2020 to June 2022, he served as the patrol commander of Squads Alpha One, Alpha Two, and Charlie One and is currently the Detective Captain of the Investigative Services Division.

The Operation Desert Storm veteran received a Ribbon of Honor following the September 11, 2001 terrorist attack on the World Trade Center. He was home and off duty the morning of that fateful day when the New York City Police Department called on all law enforcement officers and first responders to come to ground zero to help with the effort. rescue and recovery.

Chief Matthew Kunz said, “Within hours, McBride and two other Jackson officers” were above the smoldering rubble atop the World Trade Center, where they assisted in rescue and recovery efforts until midnight. “

“They slept in their car a few blocks from Ground Zero, returning to the still-smoldering rubble on the morning of September 12, searching all day and evening, and returning to search again on September 13,” the chief said. .

McBride is the oldest brother in his family who has a tradition of community service. Her brother Thomas is a retired NYPD lieutenant and her sister Maureen is a corporal with the Howell Township Police Department while her brother Daniel is a firefighter.

Her brother Terrence is a nurse and her brother Patrick a retired occupational therapist. Patrick and Thomas McBride are veterans of Operation: Desert Storm.

McBride has two sons, Christian 12 and Liam, 11

The chef described McBride as a “very proud patriotic American, born on the 4th of July. He was honored to serve his country at four levels of government.

This included at the county level as a Monmouth County Sheriff’s Officer in the Warrants Division Courthouse Security Identification Office and Prisoner Transportation Divisions. At the municipal level, it remains with the Jackson Township Police Department.

At the federal level, he served in the United States Navy as an aviation electrician on the F-14 Tomcat fighter jet and at the state level with the New Jersey Air National Guard holding a clearance SCI Top-Secret as an intelligence analyst creating intelligence products for the Air Force.

McBride was cross-trained as an outpost commander four years ago and was deployed to 177 Fighter Wing’s 119-fighter squadron at Atlantic City Airport from 2018-2020.

Chief Kunz said that “the command post is responsible for receiving orders from the Eastern Air Defense Sector to jam F-16 fighter jets for all airborne threats between New York and Washington D.C. in order to prevent other types of 9/11 attacks from occurring. Again.”