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Queen’s Birthday Honors 2022 – Fire, Police and Ambulance Service

Recipients of Scotland’s Fire, Police and Ambulance Service Medals.

The recipients of the Queen’s Fire, Police and Ambulance Service Medals in Scotland are:

Queen’s Police Medal

  • Irene Ralston, Superintendent, Police Scotland
  • Stephen Tanner, Constable, Police Scotland

Queen’s Fire Service Medal

  • Roy Dunsire, Group Commander, Scottish Fire and Rescue Service
  • John Fraser, Firefighter, Scottish Fire and Rescue Service
  • Stevie Maybanks, Crew Commander, Scottish Fire and Rescue Service

Queen’s Ambulance Service Medal

  • Donna Baillie, Resilience Manager, Scottish Ambulance Service


Superintendent Irene Ralston, Police Scotland

Superintendent Irene Ralston joined Lothian Border Police on 9 February 1987, initially assigned to uniform duties in C Division. She retired from Police Scotland on 8 February 2022 after 35 years of police service. She joined the police at a time when women were a distinct minority, when their role in the police force was still considered somewhat limited, and when women in leadership positions were extremely rare.

Throughout her 35-year police career, she has held positions with CID, Drug Squad, Airport Special Branch, Special Branch, Confidential Unit and professional standards, most recently assuming the role of Local Area Commander and Support Superintendent in P (Fife) Division.

Constable Stephen Tanner, Police Scotland

Constable Stephen Tanner has been a police officer on the island of Tiree since 2010. He is the only police officer in Tiree, which is a four-hour ferry ride from the mainland. Occasionally, due to inclement weather, there will be no ferry service and Constable Tanner may find himself alone fielding calls from members of the public for several days.

This is undoubtedly a very difficult and unique police role. As the only officer on the island, Constable Tanner is a 24/7 police officer who is frequently called back to duty to assist members of the local community and tourists visiting the island.

He makes himself available and accessible to all groups. He works closely with young people providing a positive role model through his work with schools and youth groups. During the COVID crisis, he delivered food parcels and provided additional support to partners and residents.


Group Commander Roy Dunsire, Scottish Fire and Rescue

Since joining the fire service in 1992, Roy has had a varied career in the fire service where he has had a significant positive impact on the service.

Around 2013, when the eight former Fire and Rescue Services in Scotland were merged into one National Fire Service, he was instrumental in the Fire Board Support Team, supporting the development , improving and effectively managing a range of board functions, ensuring that there was a strategic and coordinated approach to achieving the board’s objectives, ensuring that the governance arrangements of the board were efficient and effective in meeting statutory and organizational requirements.

His passionate approach has supported this significant change through consultation with staff and stakeholders across Scotland in a way that has improved the status of fire and rescue services in Scotland.

Firefighter John Fraser, Scottish Fire and Rescue

John joined the team at Coll Volunteer Fire Station in July 1985. During his time with the unit he assumed the role of firefighter, assistant chief and chief, before continuing as firefighter and LGV driver over the two years due to the shortage of drivers.

He is passionate about his local community, and it is this passion that has seen his involvement in the fire service continue for over 37 years. He demonstrated exceptional leadership while serving as Deputy Chief and Chief, and was passionate about developing others to succeed him in the years to come.

He is highly respected as a first class officer of the highest caliber has displayed these attributes for many years in various incidents. He has the ability to get the best out of people and has used his skills to keep firefighters safe and provide the best services to our local community.

He has dedicated his entire professional life to the fire department and the Coll community.

Crew Commander Stevie Maybanks, Scottish Fire and Rescue

Stevie started life as Steve, but knew she was different from the age of four and felt she was “wrong” from the age of 11. She too at this point in her life decided she wanted to be a Royal Marine Commando, an ambition she achieved at the age of 17. She served over 13 years in the Marines.

She joined the fire service as a volunteer firefighter in her home village of Lochgoilhead, keen to serve her local community, she provided emergency response to incidents as part of the local volunteer unit, taking part in community events to engage with the public on community safety issues. .

It was at this point in her life that she applied to become a full-time firefighter, her first role being at Oban Fire Station and for several years in the service she faced the significant challenges of transition of her gender while working to promote her, first in Crew Commander, then in her role as an instructor, drawing on her background experience to train others in the Service. She worked at Clydebank Fire Station, one of the busiest stations in the service, witnessing a wide range of incidents, many of which were large scale, complex and contributed to the work of preventing and protecting the service in the local area through community safety provision. initiatives.

Not only has she left a legacy and a lasting positive impression on staff in the Highlands Region by sharing her journey and experiences, but she has influenced how the SFRS Equality and Diversity Team will view and strengthen its support for trans issues in the future. She recently retired from the Service and continues to work tirelessly to improve workplaces based on her own experiences.


Resilience Manager Donna Baillie, Scottish Ambulance Service

Donna has consistently demonstrated exemplary levels of performance over an extended period in a variety of roles. Recognized as a subject matter expert in resilience, Donna excels in her current role as Resilience Manager and has contributed to significant improvement activities both nationally and nationally.

In 2020, the Minister for Community Safety acknowledged her involvement and participation in the Multi-Agency Fireworks Review Group, which provided recommendations to Scottish Ministers on strengthening devolved fireworks legislation fireworks in Scotland.

Donna has been proactive in reviewing the Scottish Major Incident and Mass Casualty Plan for NHS Boards and Social Care Partners, as well as SAS Major Incident Plans and the National Incident Mass Casualty Plan major, essential to an effective response to such circumstances.

Passionate about supporting and empowering people, Donna has been instrumental in promoting the use of the IT system, Turas, investing a great deal of time in providing expert advice and guidance to staff.

Donna is an inspiring role model who values ​​people, supports training and development, and continually improves systems. She is an excellent and highly professional ambassador for SAS, including forums such as the Voluntary Sector Resilience Partnership.