Service charge

RevenueBot: a service that helps merchants earn money easily

With the growing popularity of cryptocurrencies, more and more people are entering the industry. Some start investing, some trade, and some do it all at once. This is not surprising, since digital assets have proven to be a good trading tool. However, not everyone has the time to trade and there is often a lack of knowledge in the financial sector. It is here that you can use the services of well-known assistant traders – the trading bot.

One of the leaders in the segment is RevenueBot. Thanks to this, you can not only save time, but also earn passively, because service robots work according to predetermined strategies.

What is RevenueBot?

RevenueBot is an automated trading software in the cryptocurrency market. With the service, you can trade simultaneously on different leading exchanges and with numerous trading pairs. Each bot can have unique settings, repository and working algorithm. The service uses API keys for trading.

RevenuBot allows you to create your own bot or buy ready-made ones on the service’s marketplace. The service also has a number of other features:

  • If you are new to the site and have difficulty understanding your work, the “Mentoring” service can help you. Mentors are experienced RevenueBot users who resolve user issues for a fee;
  • RevenueBot has a referral program, through which you can receive up to 30% of referral trading commissions;
  • The “Quick Start” function will be useful for those who are just starting to use the platform. With the help of this function, beginners get guidance when creating a trading bot;
  • The bot simulation allows you to check what the results would have been for the last 60 days.

What features can RevenueBot offer?

The functionality of the service allows you to implement a variety of trading strategies:

  • Long and short algorithms. The Long algorithm works according to the initial conditions and parameters, the bot will be able to buy digital assets in several parts to resell them later at a more optimal price. The Short algorithm sells the cryptocurrency in parts at a more optimal price;
  • Secure order grid. The robots use pre-prepared funds on the deposit, trading them in portions according to a pre-prepared strategy;
  • Using TradingView. Deserved popularity among traders due to its ease of use, accuracy of data and large number of trading indicators;
  • Stop follower. Mechanism is necessary for profit maximization;
  • Automatic switching of trading pairs. Bots do not sit idle. If the bot happens to be inactive, it will automatically switch to another trading pair to continue operating;
  • Startup filters. The following trading indicators are used as filters: RSI, CCI, Bollinger Bands;
  • The automatic reversal function of the algorithms is necessary for the bot to start changing the position on its own, depending on the market situation – Long/Short.

Service charge

The RevenueBot service does not charge users any commission until their first profitable transaction. You don’t have to pay upfront for the creation of the bot, its operation, etc. You only have to pay a 20% commission on profitable trades, but no more than $50 per month.

RevenueBot works with the best sites such as: Binance, EXMO, FTX, Poloniex, Kucoin, OKX and others.

Who will benefit from the service?

RevenueBot may suit users with any trading experience.

RevenueBot for beginners:

  • The service first helps with the bot settings;
  • If the advice and help from the service is not enough, you can always ask for help from tutors or support;
  • If you don’t have the inclination or the time to understand how to create and configure a bot, you can come to the help of the marketplace, where you can buy a ready-made bot.

RevenueBot for experienced traders:

  • With RevenueBot, you can trade with perpetual cryptocurrency futures;
  • You can try out the role of a mentor as extra income, to help newbie traders;
  • The service also has a handy referral program, through which you can start earning passive profits;
  • Experienced traders who understand automated trading can dive deeper into the bot’s settings, which will maximize profits.


RevenueBot is a service with which you can engage in trading and earn passive income at the same time. The interface is intuitive. The service is suitable for users with different trading experience.

There are no hidden charges to the service. You start paying them only after the first profitable trade made with the bot.

RevenueBot’s trading robots not only allow you to passively earn profits, but also save time. So why not sign up and start your way of trading today? RevenueBot has a promotional offer for new members: register with this link will earn you 10% on your first deposit. Have fun negotiating!

Disclaimer: This is a paid publication and should not be considered news or advice.