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Salvation Army Service Center reopens in Brownwood

Giving a lunchtime devotional Monday at the Salvation Army Service Center in Brownwood, Donna Crenshaw told the story of a man who lived on a ranch with two sons. The impulsive younger son wanted his share of the inheritance immediately. Crenshaw’s story was a variant of the biblical story of the prodigal son.

Crenshaw’s husband Kelly is the new manager of the service center, which had a grand reopening on Monday after being closed since Game 18 for repairs and reorganization. Kelly Crenshaw is the pastor of New Beginnings Church in Brownwood.

Donna Crenshaw gives a lunchtime devotional on Monday at the Salvation Army Service Center in Brownwood.

“It was necessary for us to take a step back and assess the best way forward,” Sharlynda Bedford, Salvation Army’s outreach representative, said earlier. “We also had to carry out repairs after the pipes burst and the roof and some kitchen equipment were damaged in the winter storm earlier this year.”

The service center offers free lunches on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. It’s hoped the center will start offering Monday-Friday lunches after about a month, Crenshaw said.

“We’ve been working for quite a while now to get everything ready,” Crenshaw said. (Monday was) the relaunch, the grand reopening. It took a lot of work. The building had suffered water damage from a leak and when you let a building sit, even for a few months, it crumbles a bit. So it took a lot of work to get everything back in place.

Left to right, Brownwood Mayor Stephen Hanes, Kelly Crenshaw, Salvation Army Divisional Services Extension Director Stephen Thomas, and Richard Ember

“The volunteers have been great. A big shout out to Sheri Wells and Wells team, Keller Williams (Realty). They came here last week and knocked it out of the park. Volunteers are the backbone of the Salvation Army.”

Crenshaw said he too was a volunteer as director.

Mayor Stephen Haynes, who attended the reopening, said: “It’s great that the facility is reopening. Kelly Crenshaw is now the director. He has a longstanding commitment to the needy in Brownwood and I think it’s a great partnership between their church and the Salvation Army.”

Earlier, Bedford said she contacted Crenshaw who “readily accepted the challenge of helping to reopen the service center as interim center manager.”

Crenshaw quickly established a working advisory board. “With this council leading the charge, we look forward to improving current services and introducing new programs to better serve the community,” Bedford said.

In her devotional on Monday, Donna Crenshaw told listeners that “God loves you as much as he loves anyone and that’s never going to change. We’re never going to do anything that makes God say ‘I don’t think that’. I love you”. People will reject us but God never does that. He is not a man and he loves you and he knows exactly where you are today, he knows exactly what you need and he has exactly what you need I speak from experience.