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Scottish Fire and Rescue Services Commission of £500,000 electric firefighters

The Scottish Fire and Rescue Service has commissioned its first electric motor.

Teams will start using the device in early 2023, but a suitable location has yet to be identified.

The vehicle was produced with the help of £500,000 funding from Transport Scotland and will be delivered to service later this year.

The contract to build the low-carbon vehicle, capable of traveling 220 miles on an 80% load, was recently awarded to Emergency One in Ayrshire.

Stewart Nicholson, Assistant Deputy Chief of the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service, said: “We are delighted to be commissioning our first electrical appliance with the support of Transport Scotland.

“There are already more than 100 electric cars in our light fleet, but this is our first venture into low-carbon heavy-duty vehicles.”

Transport Minister Jenny Gilruth said: “This is a truly exciting and innovative development and I am delighted to be funding it through our partnership with Scottish Enterprise, which is supporting the decarbonisation of heavy duty vehicles through Scotland.

“The public sector should be seen as leading the way in this type of work, demonstrating that the stringent operational demands of service vehicles, often working in harsh conditions, can indeed be met without reliance on fossil fuels alone.

“I look forward to seeing the Electric Fire Apparatus deployed in communities as a beacon not just for the Fire Service’s journey, but for Scotland’s wider transition to a net zero society.”