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Tesla Model X with beta FSD drives to service center without intervention

When Tesla hits its range goals and rolls out the full version of its complete self-driving system, the idea of ​​electric cars driving to their respective service appointments could very well become the norm. The current iteration of Tesla’s beta FSD isn’t fully autonomous yet, but the system already achieved such a feat recently, when a Model X drove itself from its owner’s home to a service center without any intervention.

The drive, which was shared on YouTube, was posted by John, a Tesla Model X owner and the founder of the Silicon Valley Tesla Owners group. According to the EV advocate, its Model X, which was running FSD beta 8.1 (2020.48.35.1), had a service appointment. This was an opportunity to see if the current iteration of the FSD beta could handle a ride from a residential area to the Tesla service center.

As seen in the images of the trip, FSD beta 8.1 was able to handle the entire trip without requiring a single human intervention. Admittedly, traffic was light on a good number of the routes taken by the FSD beta, but the feat was impressive nonetheless. This, if any, provided insight into how Tesla owners in the future could simply have their vehicles driven to their respective service appointments on their own. Such a concept would make the Tesla ownership experience even more convenient.

Tesla’s FSD beta has gone through many iterations since it launched to its first batch of testers in late October last year. Since then, the advanced driver assistance system has gradually improved, with recent iterations behaving almost like a careful human driver. This was on display while strolling the streets of San Francisco when the FSD beta faced several skaters who decided to go against the grain as the system took precedence.

The safety of FSD Beta was emphasized by Elon Musk during his conversation with automotive disassembly expert Sandy Munro. Musk noted that Tesla aims to make Teslas so far that they wouldn’t crash even under extremely difficult circumstances.

Watch the Tesla FSD beta drive from a residential area to a service center without intervention in the video below.

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Tesla Model X with beta FSD drives to service center without intervention