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The RTC will open a civil service and military training center

LOS ANGELES, Aug. 18, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — RTC (formerly Los Angeles County Regional Training Center), America’s leading UAS innovator and California’s largest certified UAS trainer, is pleased to announce a partnership with the Reveille Peak Ranch and UAS Proving Ground in Burnet, Texas to create the premier robotics and government training facility in the United States.

“It may be the perfect marriage. Combining the endless training possibilities of Reveille Peak Ranch with the RTC curriculum and instructions into one is an absolute game-changer in government training. It will make us all even better,” said Kris Allshouse, executive director of the RTC.

“The Reveille Ranch gives us the ability to integrate all aspects of tactical operations into our specialized training programs. Having a beautiful new classroom and offices near Austin allows us to reach more customers with the whole of our training catalog. I’m just thrilled,” said Chris Bouse, Chairman of the Board.

Reveille Peak Ranch enjoys designation by NIST, the National Institute of Standards and Technology, as the only facility in North America to support unmanned aerial, tactical ground, and underwater robotic test methods from NIST, including built-in NIST storable scenario testing methods. “Now, with the relocation of RTC’s headquarters to Reveille Peak, we are honored to support their efforts to provide world-class robotics training to public safety, DoD, and the private sector here at Reveille Peak,” said Vol Montgomery, CEO of Reveille Peak Ranch.

About Reveille Peak Ranch

Reveille Peak Ranch is a world-class destination balancing its heritage as a 100+ year old cattle ranch with outdoor adventure enthusiasts and Public Safety and DoD personnel. For more information on Outdoor Adventure, visit

For more information about our public safety and military support, please email or visit our soon to be launched Reveille Proving Ground website

About RTC

The Regional Training Center ( is an ideologically-driven, non-profit organization that was expressly created to enable public safety agencies to be the best in the world at a cost that matches taxpayers. We are mission-focused and apply smart innovation and flexibility to bring precisely targeted consultation and course delivery with measurable results. All of our training is based on our proprietary 85%© rule of lesson design and class facilitation with material deeply integrated with students using our RRAC© positive coaching model. Each instructor is vetted and brings the experience of having been sought after by public and private sector entities due to their training prowess.

Regional Training Center flight training courses can be found in the Khepra GSA Contractor Catalog. For more information, visit

Contact the regional training center for more information at (760) 990-1433 or

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Image 1: Installation of the Reveille Peak Ranch range

The RTC is now located in the Reveille Peak Ranch Rage building located in Burnet, Texas.

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  • Installation of the Reveille Peak Ranch range