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The Strasbourg service center celebrates 50 years of activity

STRASBURG, Va. (WHSV) – The Strasbourg service center celebrates its 50th anniversary this month.

It was opened in January 1972 by brothers Gary and Gene Holsinger.

Gary Holsinger has been the sole owner and operator of the business for 23 years after his brother left, and he works hard every day for the people of Strasbourg.

“Sometimes it’s up and sometimes it’s down. The only thing I can say is that you have to be there and you have to work, work hard. I missed three days in the last 50 years, probably, and out of those three days I was there an hour a day,” Holsinger said.

The Strasbourg Service Center has adapted over the years in order to remain active, as the city around it has changed.

“Everything we can do, we do for people. We do a lot of detail work on the cars. We do not do heavy mechanical work. We do little things,” Holsinger said.

In addition to detail work, the service center provides self-service gas and will also pump your gas for you.

Over the years, as Strasbourg grew and the gas market and automotive industries fluctuated, Holsinger’s hard work and dedication helped him develop a loyal customer base and stay in business, despite many challenges. and the emergence of new competitors.

“I’ve seen a lot of different people and I’ve had a lot of good, repeat customers over the years. I’ve also seen a lot of people closing in and opening up doing what we do,” Holsinger said.

Holsinger has maintained a relatively small staff over the years, usually with no more than three employees, and he is particularly grateful to Carol Eastep, who has worked with him for 40 years, and his sister-in-law Jane Holsinger who has helped the business. . since day one in 1972.

Holsinger said he has no plans to stop now and is grateful for the many loyal customers who have helped keep his business afloat all these years.

“We have a lot of people in Strasbourg who really depend on us, and I love dealing with the public. A lot of people have been good to me. I intend to stay here. It’s the only place I went and I hope they will continue to support me. I will do everything I can for them,” he said.

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