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UP Government shortlists 5 companies to launch heliport service between Agra and Mathura

The Uttar Pradesh Department of Tourism has shortlisted five companies for the construction and operation of PPP (public-private partnership) heliports between Agra and Mathura.

Tourist-oriented heliport services between Agra and Mathura are expected to start soon, a government spokesman has said. Once launched, it will be the first heliport service in the state with more to follow.

The government has also prepared an action plan to start heliport services from Lucknow to Naimisharanya Dham and Dudhwa National Park. Additionally, the government is upgrading and expanding infrastructure services to facilitate tourism in the state, the spokesperson said.

The five companies selected by the tourism department to launch the heliport service between Agra and Mathura are Blade India, Rajas Adventure, Oasis, Shaurya Aeronautics and Shirisha Technologies. The financial and technical offers of these companies will be opened soon and the cabinet will give the final green light to the selected companies, added the spokesman.

Blade India operates an air service to Shirdi in Maharashtra and Rajas Adventure operates seaplanes in Gujarat, he said.

Despite the pandemic, under CM Yogi’s leadership, the number of tourists to the state has increased by 27% over the past five years. More than 125 crore domestic tourists and more than 1.25 crore foreign tourists have visited the state, a tourism department spokesperson said.

An indication of investor confidence in hospitality in Uttar Pradesh can be seen in the submission of proposals at the recently concluded Groundbreaking Ceremony (GBC-3) for industrial investments in UP.

In the tourism and hotel sector, 23 projects representing a cumulative investment of 575 crore was launched in the state. The new proposals clearly indicate a robust recovery as well as potential in this sector, the government spokesman said.

The foundation stone for three new hotels has been laid at GBC 3 in Gorakhpur at a cost of approximately 150 crores. Similarly, three hotels are being built in Bareilly at a cost of 70 crore, as well as wellness tourism at the cost of 94 crore at Meerut and Taj Hotel and Convention Center at the price of 66 crores in Agra.